vrijdag 14 november 2008


  • A: I’m building this altruistic project, where I love everyone.
  • B: How odd! I myself am working on this altruistic project where I try to hurt no one.
  • A (agitated): Do you always have to be sarcastic?
  • B: Am I hurting you?
  • A: Yes!
  • B: I’m sorry.
  • A: That’s allright. But tell me, what do you think of my project?
  • B: That it is an ego project, just like that other individualistic tendency, “self-improvement”.
  • A: Why are you hurting me again?
  • B: I’m sorry, you’re right. I always catch myself doing that.
  • A: Maybe that’s because you’re not “one” in your deeper self?
  • B: I’d rather say I can perceive imperfection more clearly than other people can.
  • A: You’re being an asshole.
  • B: You’re right. Maybe mine is the ego project, and yours is the altruistic one.
  • A: Now we’re talkin’!
  • B: I would hope so.
  • A: I tell you we are, for I am sure.
  • B: Sounds nice. Maybe I’ll join your project one day. (smiles)
  • A (smiles back and nods)
(shake hands)

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